About The Longship

The longship is the beginning of a journey. In ancient times, it bore merchants and raiders alike across the seas, changing their lives, leading them to riches and war. In the spirit of the vessels of old, this website aims to be a beginner’s guide to all individuals interested in studying Heathenry. The team at The Longship does not claim it to be the only guide or the correct guide, but simply one ship in a vast fleet, one option among many.

Moreover, The Longship is not a particular tradition or school of Heathenry. The goal of The Longship is not to espouse any specific belief system or practice, but to kickstart a new Heathen’s religious journey with the tried-and-true method of home worship (what we call “hearth cult”). Where that journey leads is up to each Heathen.

We expect that not everyone who reads this guide will agree with the approach to Heathenry, definitions, and resources we chose. That freedom of choice is the beauty of the Contemporary Pagan religions, and we respect any person’s decision to practice Heathenry some other way.

Who are we, anyway?

The Longship is the collaborative effort of ordinary people seeking to introduce Heathenry to the curious masses in an easier and more accessible way. We have families, work in offices and shops, take public transportation, and watch television. We come from all corners of the United States and the world.

The contributors to The Longship denounce white supremacy, Nazism, and bigotry. In addition, we denounce any and all organizations that oppose inclusive Heathenry. We believe that people of different races, nationalities, genders, gender identities, intersex statuses, sexualities, disabilities, etc. are vital to modern Heathenry, and actively include them in our communities.

If you wish to submit an inquiry, please email hello.thelongship@gmail.com.