What is Heathenry?

Heathenry is a revivalist religion seeking to bring the practice of the ancient Germanic peoples into the present day. In simplest terms, it uses information inferred or represented in scholarship to form the foundation of a modern, polytheistic religious tradition.

It is a New Religious Movement under the category of Contemporary Paganism. Like other Pagan religions, there is no single, correct Heathen belief or practice, and many groups and individuals have tailored their particular styles of Heathenry to suit their own lives and localities.

And what is The Longship?

This website is just one of many possible beginner’s guides for a new Heathen, and is based on the style of Heathenry taught by established online communities and websites, in particular, Lārhūs Fyrnsida. As a guide, The Longship recognizes that Heathen beliefs and practices may differ from person to person, and therefore covers only the fundamental concepts shared by all. It aims to provide a framework for any person interested in Heathenry as well as suggestions on how to continue one’s studies.

Latest News

  • The Longship Gets an Update
    If you notice something different with The Longship today, surprise! Yes, the website has received an overhaul in the form of a visual and content upgrade. Part of this initiative was to help reduce costs of web hosting, while another part was that after five years, our understanding of Heathenry — and greater Heathendom’s understanding […]