The Longship Gets an Update

If you notice something different with The Longship today, surprise! Yes, the website has received an overhaul in the form of a visual and content upgrade. Part of this initiative was to help reduce costs of web hosting, while another part was that after five years, our understanding of Heathenry — and greater Heathendom’s understanding as well — has grown and evolved. When we created The Longship, there were no other beginner resources like it on the Internet. Now there are a few, so we recognize this website is only one guide of many, just as there is more than one interpretation of Heathenry.

The discerning reader or frequent visitor may note that some pages have been removed, new ones have been added, and still others have been rearranged. For example, the page on Inner Yard vs. Outer Yard is gone, and we have updated the FAQ with an explanation as to why. Additionally, there is a new page on the gatekeeper and hearth deities, and a more accessible page with ritual examples. Please take your time to peruse the site and familiarize yourself with the changes.

Please note we have removed the ability to leave a comment on articles and submit an inquiry through a contact form. To reach us, please email directly.

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