Official Statement on the January 6 Coup Attempt at the U.S. Capitol

Following the recent display of violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, we at The Longship want to make it perfectly clear that we abhor and condemn these acts of violence, treason, and sedition, as well as the individuals who carried out these acts. Moreover, we condemn the misappropriation of symbols sacred to Heathenry, such as the Valknut, Mjölnir, and Yggdrasil, for hateful rhetoric and political machinations.

Since its inception, The Longship has always taken a firm stance which we reiterate now: We denounce white supremacy, Nazism, racism, fascism, and bigotry of all kinds. We support the right of all peoples to follow the Heathen religions, regardless of ancestry or ethnicity. We also support the right of all peoples to assemble peacefully to give voice to their grievances, and we condemn any attempts by governments to suppress peaceful protest.

We at The Longship strongly believe it is the duty of inclusive Heathens to fight white supremacy, fascism, and racism on all fronts. It is not enough merely to say we are inclusive. Instead, we must act in ways that are decidedly and unmistakably anti-racist and anti-fascist, at all times.

“I advise you, Loddfafnir, to take this advice,
it will be useful if you learn it,
do you good, if you have it:
where you recognize evil, call it evil,
and give no truce to your enemies.”

— Hávamál 127

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